Weight Loss in Grande Prairie

You don’t have to look very far in Grande Prairie to notice weight loss is at hot topic these days. If you search the web, you will find an infinite number of hits, and each one of them will have their own perspectives on how to take on the challenge of shedding the unnecessary pounds you might be carrying with you. Millions of people want to not only conquer this challenge but move on to become stronger and more confident then they have ever been. But how do you see through the haze of advertisements, sales techniques, weight loss clinics, and nutritional gimmicks, to get an accurate understanding of how to not only lose the weight you want but also how to keep it off in a long term and sustainable manner?

The patterns in our lives that cause weight gain can seem almost impossible to break, and yet the concept of how to lose weight seems simple, at least In theory. So, if it’s so simple, why is it so hard? Our bodies store or burn energy obtained from food we eat in units called calories, depending on how hard we are working. In theory, if we use more energy than we store, either by eating less, working more, or both, we will consistently lose weight. Sounds simple right? Wrong.

While this sounds good in theory, the fact is that we are human beings, not machines, and we quickly tire of living like machines when it comes to food and exercise. If you have ever lived your life measuring all of your activity, the energy it expands, and the energy gained from what you consume, you will quickly realize this lifestyle is not sustainable or enjoyable long term. It only works in bursts, and then we naturally revert to what we know as normal.

So how do we actually achieve long term change regarding weight loss? Are we doomed to live out cycles of success only to plummet back into old habits and disappointing weight gains? This is where a local gym in Grande Prairie comes in.

A lot has been learned in the last 30 years to help shape how we approach weight loss, despite all the gimmicks one of the key factors is attending a gym in a group. The rates of success for those seeking long term change are exponentially higher working out in a class as opposed to working out alone. When it comes to long term success, slow and steady wins the race, and being surrounded by others with goals like yours often makes the difference between giving up and keeping going.

The challenge of long-term weight loss is not easy – but it’s not one you have to go through alone. And when you work with a professional or group of likeminded people just like you, you find the determination to continue with the challenge seems too high. You are worth it; your goals are worth it. Come in and find out how we can turn your goals into reality today


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